Do agencies receive a dedicated underwriter?

Yes, we develop a support team for each agency and policyholder. Our agency partners receive a dedicated underwriter and each policyholder, regardless of premium size, receives a designated claims adjuster, loss control representative and CSR. This personalized focus ensures timely communication and provides the agent and policyholder with direct points of contact.

Do you offer deductibles?

Yes, we offer small to mid-level deductibles up to $50,000, where allowed by states. Deductibles are a great option that can, in certain states, help control the Experience Modification Rate (EMR). Deductibles are a sound alternative for accounts who want to take on more of the workers’ compensation risk without the high exposures of a captive plan. We follow each individual states mandate for reporting losses to NCCI whether that is net or gross of the deductible. Missouri allows the carrier to choose whether to report net or gross and we are one of only a few carriers that have opted to report Missouri losses on a net basis.

Do you provide Waivers of Subrogation?

Yes, we do provide Waivers of Subrogation. We can provide both blanket waivers and single endorsements. Additionally, we can provide USL&H (Longshoreman), the Kotecki Waiver, and Stop Gap coverage.

Do you provide any specialized agency reports?

Yes, to ease some of the time intensive tasks our agency partners face we created the Rate and Renewal Comparison Report, Closed Claim Report and several other agency specific reports which are available on our secure portal.

You’re licensed in 25 states but what if I have an account that has work outside of those states?

If the account is taking their current employees from the state of coverage into a state outside of coverage for a short-term project, we can provide coverage through part 3C on the policy – All Other States Except Monopolistic. Issues only arise If the account establishes permanent operations or hires from a state we are not currently licensed in, or if the work being performed becomes a long term project, typically defined as exceeding 60 days in length.

Do you offer monthly self-reporting (pay as you go) as a payment plan option?

Yes, monthly self-reporting is a payment plan option and can be completed easily through our secure portal. We do not require that a third-party payroll company be utilized.  However, because premiums are paid in arrears we are required to obtain a security deposit for all policyholders using monthly self-reporting equal to 15% of their estimated annual premium.  Additionally, a payroll audit is still completed for policies utilizing monthly self-reporting.

Do you offer other types of payment plans and if so do you charge policyholders who utilize an installment payment plan option?

We have several different payment plan options available to policyholders and are willing to create specialized plans in certain situations. There is no charge for policyholders electing to utilize the installment payment plan option.

What happens when I bind a new piece of business with you?

Each policyholder, regardless of premium size, participates in an on-boarding process where they are introduced to their designated team members, which includes the assigned loss control representative, claims adjuster and client service representative. During the on-boarding process the policyholder is setup on our portal, the payment plan is reviewed and for those utilizing monthly self-reporting they are shown how to report premiums and remit payment. Additionally, the claims reporting process and a review of the safety and risk management materials available is reviewed.

How do I submit new business?

We keep our submission process trouble-free and efficient. Simply email the application, 3-5 years loss experience, the desired quote by date, and the current EMR worksheet to A narrative about the account and any helpful information related to loss history is always appreciated but is not required.  If questions arise during the underwriting process, please feel free to call or email the designated CSR or underwriter assigned to the account.

Can I get claims information and be notified if there are risk management issues?

Yes, our agency partners can view several claim reports as well as our Risk Control Surveys from the agency portal. We also provide agency partners with a claim confirmation when a new Report of Injury is received and if we are notified of a catastrophic claim the designated claims adjuster will promptly notify the agency partner. Our underwriters keep the agent informed of general concerns, safety issues or claims activity that may have an impact on the upcoming renewal. We take great pride in timely communication with our agent partners and working collaboratively to help address any concerns or issues with an account.

Much of your material mentions “specialized”, what exactly do you provide that is specialized?

From conducting actual loss control visits to web-based training we offer services and resource materials that are designed for the construction and manufacturing industries.  Our claims adjusters maintain a case load well below industry averages to ensure that best claims practices are maintained and that consistent communication is provided to the claimant, policyholder, and agent. Below are a few of our specialized services:

  • Free 24/7 Nurse Hotline to assist with medical assessment and direction
  • 24/7 Claims reporting for emergencies and large losses – staffed by actual claims and loss control staff
  • Transitional Duty Program easing the burden of finding accommodated duty for all policyholders
  • Free Online Training Information System (OTIS) for all policyholders
  • Annual Safety Grant Program
  • Program
  • Online OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Training is available at discounted pricing through our preferred partnership
  • Oral Fluid Drug & Alcohol Testing to assist in meeting company mandates without incurring costly clinic fees and downtime

To learn how Midwest Builders’ Casualty can provide a competitively priced, service enhanced option for your client’s workers’ compensation needs, please feel free to contact us at or (800) 374-7798.