Dividend Plans

Midwest Builders’ Casualty may, after completing an underwriting review, elect to offer certain policyholders a participating policy that includes a dividend plan. Dividends give policyholders a way to recoup some of the company’s excess underwriting profits through the return of premiums in the form of a dividend. Dividends are not guaranteed and are based upon the loss experience of the individual policyholder for a select policy period. The current dividend plan has provided a historical average return equal to 12% of the annual premium for qualifying policyholders.


Midwest Builders’ Casualty understands the importance that a deductible plan can have on a successful risk management program. And in certain states, the use of a deductible plan can have a significant impact in helping a policyholder control their Experience Modification Rating (EMR). Not only is this factor important in controlling their overall cost of workers’ compensation insurance, but it’s also often used as a qualification factor for bidding and winning work. Contractors with a high EMR are excluded from consideration for certain projects.

Midwest Builders’ Casualty offers both small and mid-sized deductible options, ranging from $500 to $50,000. The deductible program allows policyholders to receive upfront cost savings and, in certain states, the ability to better control their Experience Modification Rating (EMR). Deductibles are an ideal solution for accounts wanting to take on additional risk but not comfortable with the increased exposure of a captive program.

Payment Plans

Midwest Builders’ Casualty understands the unique issues your business faces and developed the monthly self-reporting premium payment plan option as one way to address concerns faced by our policyholders. Often referred to as the “pay-as-you-go” method, policyholders pay a premium based on the actual payroll volume for the month. This means that policyholders pay less in a slow month and more in a busy month. This payment plan allows policyholders the ability to better manage cash flows and eliminates any surprise balances due or owed as a result of the year-end policy audit. This payment plan is our most popular and is used by over 90% of our policyholders who log into our secure website each month to report their premiums and remit payment.

Midwest Builders’ Casualty also offers more traditional payment plan options for those not interested in the monthly self-reporting option, which include:

  • 15% down payment with 9 equal installments
  • Annual
  • Quarterly

If there is a specific payment plan that would work better for your business Midwest Builders’ Casualty is happy to discuss it with you or your agent to see if it’s a fit.