“The thing I like best about Midwest Builders’ Casualty is that I have quick access to the decision makers when questions arise. Being able to communicate concerns and questions while quickly receiving answers is a big plus for us.”

Jeff Griffith, Kelley Construction (policyholder since 2000)

Midwest Builders’ Casualty operates as a true partner with their policyholders and agents in handling their workers’ compensation needs. This partnership and expertise is evident in the way they consistently handle underwriting, safety and claims.”

Dennis Mosier, Sr. Vice President – Truss

“We were first impressed that Midwest Builders’ Casualty was very selective of the companies that they insure, not just the category of business but selective with safety programs. Midwest Builders’ Casualty considered our company when other carriers were hesitant to insure roofing contractors. They were willing to look at our record and our individual business operations instead of just a class of business.”

Paul Barber – Stiles Roofing Inc. (policyholder since 2001)

“It is nice working with a company where you can speak to a live person when you call and not get an automated system. Midwest Builders’ Casualty’s employees are very helpful in every aspect and if they don’t know the answer to a question they are always prompt in getting back to us.”

Cindy Thompson – Q & Company (policyholder since 2011)

“J.E. Dunn Construction Company was one of the original founding companies who made it possible for Midwest Builders’ Casualty to get its start in 1983. I am very proud that our company has been insured by this great organization since that time. Their success is due to pursuing clients who have a commitment to safety and risk management and never lowering their standards to insure companies who consider safety as only secondary in importance.”

Steve Dunn, Chairman – J.E. Dunn Construction (policyholder since 1983)

“I receive responses in a very timely manner and Midwest Builders’ Casualty is always willing to help our mutual clients, which helps us to retain business and focus on writing new business. I greatly appreciate the professionalism offered by their staff.”

Joelle St. Pierre – Johnston Fiss Insurance

“Our partnership with Midwest Builders’ Casualty has been nothing but first rate. I especially like the way that they help us manage claims and that they always provide prompt service. We couldn’t be happier with them.”

Phil Gray – Gray and Company (policyholder since 1996)

“Our company appreciates the quick access to knowledgeable professionals who can provide us with immediate direction on complex issues.”

Bridget Fahey – J.M. Fahey Construction Co. Inc. (policyholder since 1993)

“Midwest Builders’ Casualty is much more than just an insurance carrier; they are a partner that understands our business and the difficulties we face in taking care of our employees and achieving our business goals. They are indeed a valued partner and we appreciate the relationship we have developed over many years.”

Dave Ezell, Safety Director – Mark One Electric Co., Inc. (policyholder since 1994)

“Since placing our insurance with Midwest Builders’ Casualty we have received exceptional loss control service and have access to industry specific knowledge and support. They communicate on a consistent basis and we get prompt responses from our claims adjuster. They are always looking out for the best interest of King’s Construction.”

Taylor Norris (King) – King’s Construction Co. Inc. (policyholder since 2015)

“We are pleased with Midwest Builders’ Casualty’s competitive pricing, consistent claims management, financial stability and commitment to safety. Additionally, we continue to receive significant dividend distributions year after year.”

Mark Teahan – George J. Shaw Construction Co. (policyholder since 1990)

“Kelly-Hill began using the Midwest Builders’ Casualty transitional work placement program to assist with injured employees that required alternative job assignments. This program has provided a fantastic benefit for both our company and our employees. Our business has limited opportunities to accommodate work restrictions but through this program our employees can help at local not-for-profits while they continue to heal. This program has helped us to control our claims costs and to improve morale within our organization.”

Michael Steele – Kelly-Hill Company (policyholder since 2011)

“Our company is very appreciative of the many levels of support we receive from Midwest Builders Casualty, which has resulted in a safer environment for our greatest asset, our people.”

Jay Gravatt – Reddi Services, Inc. (policyholder since 2013)

“Our client is thrilled with how Midwest Builders’ Casualty handles their claims. He loves that the claims are getting closed quickly and that they don’t just write checks and do a thorough job of managing the claims.”

Gina Carnahan, Account Executive – Thomas McGee, L.C.

“The level of service and professionalism I’ve received from Midwest Builders’ Casualty and their experienced professionals is unparalleled. As the EHS Manager of four separate companies and several hundred employees, Midwest Builders’ always has the clients’ best interest in mind. As a growing company throughout the Midwest, Midwest Builders’ has always been able to meet our needs in any state on any project.”

Cole Andersen, EHS Manager – Bettis Asphalt & Construction (policyholder since 2008)

“The difference with Midwest is that I feel they truly have a vested interest in the handling of our claims. They work with us every step of the way continuously keeping us informed of a claim’s status.”

Humberto Jimenez – Conco Construction (policyholder 1997-2009 and 2015 to current)

“In a time when many carriers take weeks, even months, to process an endorsement or to get back to us with an answer Midwest Builders’ Casualty gets back with us immediately without fail. They listen to us with both ears open about why we believe underwriting data doesn’t tell the whole story in many circumstances on “tough” new business opportunities or client renewal’s verse strictly looking at historical data to do the underwriting. Above everything else, they lead with integrity on behalf of their client’s, agency partners, and board of directors. I’m grateful to call Midwest Builders’ Casualty a key partner of Holmes Murphy & Associates and above all else I’m thankful for how they approach doing business – simple, consistent, honorable, and valuable.”

Joe Tiernan, Account Executive – Holmes Murphy & Associates

“It is refreshing to work with a company like Midwest Builder’s Casualty. The claims staff is always there to help us make the claims process easy and the safety staff understand our business and keep us updated.”

J.W. Page, Safety Director – Lytle Construction Inc.

“For over twenty years Midwest Builders’ Casualty has played a major role in our ability to manage our workers’ compensation insurance. They have stood beside us in both good and bad times and continued to insure us even when we had losses. They have always been there to help us with both claims and safety.”

Craig Davis, General Manager – Doherty Steel (policyholder since 1995)